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ARK Design Advanced Boost Controller UNIVERSAL

These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
01-0002B-11 Advanced Boost Controller
LEDs Blue
01-0002R-11 Advanced Boost Controller
LEDs Red
01-0002B-00 Advanced Boost Controller
LEDs Blue
01-0002R-00 Advanced Boost Controller
LEDs Red

Product Description

The ARK Design’s Advanced Boost Controller (ABC) is a simple to use boost controller that accurately dials in boost pressure with its user-friendly controls. Within the ABC’s compact design are two independent boost settings, over-boost warning, safety switch, peak-hold and a one of a kind, patented “see-saw” control switch. The bright LED display is available in Blue or Red, and can display boost pressure in PSI or kPA. A user programmable Multi-Color LED indicator light is also integrated for notification of over-boosting.

  • Compact Design
    Slim compact display/control unit (W105 x D20 x H18mm) provides easy installation and placement inside any vehicle. The pressure sensor is built into to the power supply, reducing the amount of components needed in the engine bay.
  • Two Boost Settings
    Two independent boost settings are available for users to set different levels to suit various driving conditions.
  • Display Screen
    Large and Bright LED displays boost pressure in PSI or kPA. Available in RED or BLUE display.
  • See-Saw Switch Button
    Patented See-Saw switch and Roller button allow ease of adjustment and navigation during setup.
  • Warning Boost Setting
    Users can select an over-boost warning level where the Multi-Color LED Indicator will flash when reached. The Mulit-Color LED Indicator has eight(?) different colors to choose from.
  • Safety Switch
    For additional safety, the ABC also monitors the rate at which boost pressure increases. If boost begins to rise at an abnormal rate, the safety switch will drop the pressure to the base level of the wastegate.
  • Peak Hold Display
    The peak boost level is memorized automatically. With a simple touch users can recall the highest boost pressure reached.

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