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Braille Battery Mount Kit - Aluminum UNIVERSAL

Brand: Braille Battery | Category: Batteries


1018 Aluminium Kit
Fits B106/C, ML9C
1218 Aluminium Kit
Fits B129
1418 Aluminium Kit
Fits B14115/C, ML14C
2018 Vertical and Horizontal
Fits B2015/C, ML20C
211 Vertical Aluminum Mount Kit
For B106, B14115, B2015 No-Weight, Carbon, ML9C &ML14C
212 Vertical Aluminum Mount Kit
For B2317, B2317RP, B2618, B3121 No-Weight, Carbon, ML20C &ML30C
216 Vertical Aluminum Mount Kit
For B1632 16 Volt Racing Battery
2318 Aluminium Kit
Fits B2317/RP
2618 Aluminium Kit
Fits B2618
3118 Aluminium Kit
Fits B3121/C, ML30C
718 Aluminium Kit
Fits ML7T, G7 & G9

Product Description

The Braille Universal Mount Kit includes all the components to allow simple easy mounting of the following Braille Batteries:

  • B106
  • B106C
  • B14115
  • B14115C
  • B2015
  • B2015C

Shows Positive and Negative Sides of battery for easy installation and maintenance of battery. Installation of a Braille Battery with this mount kit normally takes less than 15 minutes!

Includes all Mounting Hardware

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