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Brandmotion Android Smartphone Back Up Camera Interface UNIVERSAL

Brand: Brandmotion | Category: Interior Products
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
9002-2800 Android Smartphone Backup Camera Interface
9002-2801 Android Smartphone Back Up Camera System

Product Description

No display screen in your car? No problem! Our exclusive Android Backup Camera Interface allows you to use your Android smartphone’s screen as a rear vision display. The camera interface kit connects to smartphones through a Micro USB connector. The 8’ cable allows you to mount your smartphone virtually anywhere in the vehicle and works with almost all dash mounts (mount not included).

Running off a free app download from the Google Play store, the camera view will automatically activate when properly connected and the vehicle is put into reverse, no waiting or swiping to find the app. A hardwired connection to the phone gives the view a zero-lag video feed, what you see is in real time. The app also features adjustable park lines that can be changed to suit the vehicle with the swipe of a finger!

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