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Buddy Club Thermo Wrap UNIVERSAL

Brand: Buddy Club | Category: Pit and Mechanic Gear
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BC03-STW05 Racing Spec Super Thermo Wrap
Size 5m
BC03-STW10 Racing Spec Super Thermo Wrap
Size 10m
BC03-STW15 Racing Spec Super Thermo Wrap
Size 15m

Product Description

Use Buddy Club Thermo Wrap to keep more heat within the exhaust system and away from other components such as transmissions, oil pans, differentials, etc. Turbocharged applications can use this material to wrap the exhaust manifold to keep a hotter exhaust gas charge for the turbocharger for improved response.


  • 5m x 50mm , 10m x 50mm, 15m x 50mm
  • Made of special ceramic fiber material
  • Good heat insulation and durability
  • Maintain performance under the strict condition.
  • Heat-resisting temperature is up to 1300 degrees Centigrade and insulate against heat effectively
  • Enclosed with ring clamps for easy and proper installation
  • Suitable for all vehicle application

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