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Davies Craig Electric Booster Pump UNIVERSAL

Brand: Davies Craig | Category: Water Pumps
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9001 Electric Booster Pump Kit
9002 Electric Booster Pump & Harness
9005 Electric Booster Pump & Harness
9105 Electric Booster Pump Kit

Product Description

The EBP® (Electric Booster Pump) is a ‘brushless’ 12 volt, high-flow, magnetically-driven water pump. The EBP® motor has no brushes to wear out – ever – and the pump is magnetically driven by the motor, which means that no shaft sealing is required. There is only one moving part, the impeller, and it is floating in the coolant. The pump chamber is hermetically sealed for trouble-free operation.

The EBP’s ease of installation, low-current draw, high-flow capacity and long life make it ideal for a range of applications.

The kit (part #9001) comes with everything you need for easy installation including, easy to understand, do-it-yourself instructions.

The many EBP® applications include:

  • booster for car heater and LPG systems
  • solar and marine applications
  • water-cooled motorcycle and go-kart engines
  • turbo air/water intercoolers
  • caravans and motor homes
  • household irrigation

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