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Brand: EBC Brakes | Category: Brake Fluid
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DOT-4/1 DOT4 Brake Fluid
Single Bottle
DOT-5 DOT5 Brake Fluid
Case of 6 Bottles
DOT-4 DOT4 Brake Fluid
Case of 6 Bottles
BF-307 BF-307 Brake Fluid
Case of 6 Bottles

Product Description

DOT-4 Brake Fluid
General purpose glycol fluid with wet boiling point of 260°C/500°F for most modern motorcycle and automotive brake systems. CANNOT be mixed with DOT 5 silicone fluids.

BF-307 Brake Fluid
A highly refined DOT 4 based Glycol fluid that has less tendency to cause vapour lock. Please remember that once you open this container it will start to degrade so it is important to use it, seal your vehicles brake system and discard the remainder of the can due to shelf life issues. CANNOT be mixed with Dot 5 silicone fluids.

DOT-5 Brake Fluid
Unlike Glycol fluids, silicone does not damage or stain paintwork and is fitted to some high quality US built motorcycles. It is IMPERATIVE to check your owners manual and NOT to mix this fluid with Glycol fluids (as above) otherwise damage can occur to hydraulic seals and your entire brake system.

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