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HKS Promotional Products UNIVERSAL

Brand: HKS | Category: Promo Products


51003-AK022 HKS Super Racing Small Decal
Color Red/Silver
Length 105mm
Width 97mm
51003-AK027 HKS Block Logo Emblem
Color Silver
51003-AK029 HKS Power Decal
Color Hologram
Length 250mm
Width 44mm
51003-AK037 HKS Power Decal
Color Black
Length 250mm
Width 44mm
51003-AK038 HKS Power Decal
Color White
Length 250mm
Width 44mm
51003-AK040 HKS Power Decal
Color Carbon
Length 250mm
Width 44mm
51003-AK052 Turbee Decal
Length 60mm
Width 50mm
51003-AK053 Fire Turbee Decal
Length 140mm
Width 35mm
51003-AK054 HKS Drift Performance Decal
Length 130mm
Width 60mm
51003-AK060 Emblem HKS Style W170
Length 170mm
51003-AK070 Powered by HKS (Script) Decal
Length 250mm
51003-AK072 HKS Cell Phone Emblem
Color Silver
Length 30mm
Width 5mm
51003-AK076 HKS Fujiyama Decal
2 Pack
Color Red
Length 250mm
Width 40mm
51003-AK077 HKS Fujiyama Decal
2 Pack
Color Silver
Length 250mm
Width 40mm
51003-XA001 HKS Power & Sports Decal
Color Carbon Fiber
51003-XA002 HKS Power & Sports Decal
Color Silver
51003-XA004 HKS Racing Patch
Size Small
51003-XA014 HKS Racing Patch
Size Medium
51003-XA018 HKS Power Door Decal
51006-AK001 D1 Limited Edition S15 Hiper Silvia Choro Q
51007-AK065 HKS Cloth Gloves
5102-SA017 HKS Umbrella
5103-SA049 HKS Block Logo Emblem
Color Gold
51999-XA006 HKS Metal License Plate Frames
Style Carbon Fiber
51999-XA008 HKS Metal License Plate Frames
Style Mirror Finish
51999-XA010 HKS Vanity Plates
US License Plate Fitment
Color Silver Metallic
Size U.S. License Plate Fitment
51999-XA027 HKS Lanyards
Color Black
93041-004US Etched Splash Logo Zippo
Color Polished
51001-XA280 HKS Mechanic Gloves
Size Medium
51001-XA281 HKS Mechanic Gloves
Size Large
51001-XA282 HKS Mechanic Gloves
Size X-Large
93041-006US Fujiyama Zippo Lighter
Color Polished
93041-007US HKS Limited Edition CT230R Zippo
51003-AK115 HKS Sticker Stripe
COLOR Silver
FINISH Hairline
SIZE 230mm x 23mm
51003-AK116 HKS Sticker Fujiyama
COLOR Silver
DESIGN HKS logo and Mt. Fuji
FINISH Hairline
SIZE 235mm x 52mm
51003-AK117 HKS Sticker Tuned By
FINISH Hairline
SIZE 190mm x 35mm
51003-AK118 HKS Sticker Tuned By
FINISH Hairline
SIZE 232mm x 45mm
51003-AK119 HKS Sticker Emboss
COLOR Silver
SIZE 100mm x 50mm
51003-AK120 HKS Sticker Variety
51003-AK121 HKS Sticker URL
SIZE 234mm x 22mm
51003-AK122 HKS Sticker Super Racing
SIZE 70mm x 65mm
51003-AK123 HKS Sticker 速
SIZE 240mm x 65mm
51003-AK124 HKS Sticker 速
SIZE 114mm x 26mm
51003-AK125 HKS Emblem
COLOR Silver
SIZE 89mm x 36mm
51003-AK126 HKS Emblem Tune by HKS
COLOR Silver
SIZE 115mm x 19mm
51003-AK127 HKS Sticker Super Racing
MOUNT SIZE 215mm x 155mm
SIZE 150mm x 140mm
51003-AK128 HKS Patch Super Racing
MOUNT SIZE 215mm x 155mm
SIZE 108mm x 106mm
51003-AK129 HKS Patch Super Racing
MOUNT SIZE 215mm x 155mm
SIZE 77mm x 75mm
51007-AK204 HKS Japanese Towel
TOWEL SIZE 35cm x 90cm
51007-AK205 HKS Sports Towel
TOWEL SIZE 42cm x 120cm
51007-AK214 HKS Car Registration Case
SIZE 240mm x 175mm x 15mm
51007-AK215 HKS Folding Umbrella
Color Black
HKSBG HKS Drawstring Bag
Color Black
HKSLNYD HKS Livery Lanyard
HKSNKCLR HKS Livery Neck Cooler

Product Description

Show your support and pride in HKS wherever you go. From Hats an T’s to Zippos and RC Cars. HKS has it all!

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