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Megan Racing Radiator Breather Tank UNIVERSAL

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MR-BT-B Radiator Breather Tank
Color Blue
MR-BT-P Radiator Breather Tank
Color Polished
MR-BT-R Radiator Breather Tank
Color Red

Product Description

Having a vehicle that is intended for competition is not an easy task, you must ensure that every aspect of your vehicle works properly and with one another to have a balanced and competetive vehicle. The powerplant must work with your drivetrain and your drivetrain with your suspension, and your suspension with your chassis. One of the biggest parts of the powerplant system that is overlooked is your cooling system.

Many tuners will tell you how crucial your cooling system is to not only the overall performance of your engine but the durability and reliability. Most modern engines are cooled via an Liquid-Air cooling system. Most common upgrades are upgraded radiators that are more efficient, electric fans that have higher CFM’s, caps that have higher pressure releases and hoses that have higher burst-pressures as well as less expansion. With all these upgrades available, most people still forget that a cooling system must be properly maintained and monitored.

The reason your cooling system is pressurized is to increase the boiling point of your coolant; the physics of liquid state that it cannot be compressed, because of this any air in the system WILL compress and allow the coolant to expand and evaporate. If an air bubble gets trapped in your system then coolant will not flow propery which can lead to an inefficient cooling system.

Megan Racing has developed a Breather Tank that routes through several key places on your cooling system; Lower Radiator Hose, Cylinder Head, Expansion Tank and Radiator Neck. Once these ports are all connected and the Breather Tank is placed at the highest place in the cooling system; it will allow a more efficient way to fill and maintain the coolant system while evacuating any air from the system.

The system includes:

  • (1) 1/8NPT 3/8” Barb Fitting
  • (1) M5×1.0 5/16” Barb Fitting
  • (1) 4-Port Aluminum Breather Tank
  • 6” of 3/8 Clear Hose
  • Installation Hardware


The tank utilizes an N-Type radiator cap that is rated at 1.1Kg/cm which is suitable for most performance applications. For the system to operate properly, the Radiator should utilize a Seal-Cap that allows coolant to flow through to the Breather Tank. These can be purchased from other sources, however we have N-Type Seal-Caps available.

To properly plumb into the Lower Radiator Hose you may utilize one of our Water Temp Sensor adapters, the fittings included with the breather tank are compatible with our Water Temp Sensor Adapters.

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