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Megan Racing Universal Intercooler UNIVERSAL

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IC-LARGE Universal Aluminum Intercooler
Dimension 28"x11.75"x3"
Inlet 3"
IC-SMALL Universal Aluminum Intercooler
Dimension 22"x11.75"x3"
Inlet 3"
MR-IC-LARGE Universal Aluminum Intercooler
Dimension 28inx11.75inx3in
Inlet 3in
MR-IC-SMALL Universal Aluminum Intercooler
Dimension 22"x11.75"x3"
Inlet 3"

Product Description

Megan Racing Aluminum Intercoolers are the perfect component to handle your custom forced induction project needs. Constructed from a durable aluminum alloy, the large core face offers exceptional cooling properties to cool down the air-charge before it enters the intake manifold, allowing for higher boost pressure and power gains.

Megan Racing offers two sizes of Aluminum Intercoolers.

The smaller intercooler features a core measuring 17.5”x 11.75”x 3” with end tanks that taper from 1-2” to reduce turbulence and increase airflow. The Inlet-to-Outlet length comes to 22” with 3”OD Inlet/Outlets.

The large intercooler features a 23.5”x 11.75” x3” core with similar end tanks which brings the inlet-to-outlet length to 28.5”. These intercoolers were designed with a large face area and a relatively small depth to aid in fitment, as one of the most common problems found with intercooler installations is the limited space available.

In most cases our intercoolers are thin enough to require no bumper or bumper support modification at all. All of our intercoolers come with four tapped mounting holes (two on top and bottom of core) to ease installation as well. While the natural aluminum finish and clean welds offer a clean visual appearance for any show car.

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