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RePlay XD Standard Mount - SnapTray Google Mount UNIVERSAL

Brand: RePlay XD | Category: Video Recording
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
RXD70-RPXD-STD-ST-CNCV-5 VHB SnapTray Convex
5 Pack
RXD70-RPXD-STD-ST-GMT XD1080 SnapTray Goggle Mount
5 Pack

Product Description

The SnapTray Goggle Mount allows for a quick mounting solution by quickly attaching to most goggle straps (up to 42mm), head band mounts, web straps, etc. The unique Pad Kit allows you to taylor the grip, contact area, and comfort, against smooth surfaces (helmets), head-worn garments (beanie/hat), appendages, limbs (arm, wrist, leg, ankle), etc. The Goggle Mount is designed with an ultra low profile and low center of gravity to stay put for a wobble-free shot.

Included in package: 1 – SnapTray Goggle Mount with Pad Kit: 1 pair – Silicone Pad for helmets or smooth sufaces, 1 pair – Foam Wedge for head-worn straps or to achieve various angles, 1 pair – Tall Foam to fill space between head-worn straps and head.

Compatible with all HeimLock and LowBoy mounts.

Note: Fits goggle straps up to 42mm wide, goggles not included.

This accessory is compatible with the following: XD720, XD1080, RePower2200

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