FGT401000 - STILLEN Performance Clutch

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Part #: FGT401000
Notes: Performance Clutch
Stage 1 - Street
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Product Description

STILLEN and AP Racing have worked closely to develop a new clutch for the Ford GT supercar. One of the common complaints of the clutch on the Ford GT is the excessively long pedal travel. When developing the clutch the Number 1 goal was to reduce this travel. We also wanted to make the clutch stronger, and be able to better stand up to higher power output.

One of the fantastic things about the Ford GT is its ability to perform on and off the track. With that in mind this new clutch was developed using higher quality materials that will last longer, and perform better than the factory clutch.

There were four primary improvements made to the clutch that result in one major improvement.

1. The two AP friction discs have a reduced wave spring in the middle of the discs. This improves the clutch in a couple of ways:

A) There is a more positive feel to the pedal during engagement
B) The travel is reduced to 65mm (2.55 inches) from 90mm (3.54 inches) from engaged to disengaged. Basically, you won’t have to push so far to the floor to get the clutch to disengage.

2. Clutch cover diaphragm springs are tested and selected to have the highest possible rating that is still within Ford’s range of allowable tolerances. This is important as an excessively high spring pressure clutch could cause premature engine thrust bearing and/or clutch release failure. This also results in a clutch that is virtually identical to stock in pedal effort.

3. The friction material used is a proprietary AP facing develop for use in their street clutches. This material has much better heat dissipation and fade resistance than the factory Ford F510 material used in the stock clutch. The combination of optimized diaphragm pressures and improved clutch friction material results in a clutch that can transmit 616 ft. lbs. of torque yet still be completely streetable.

4. The friction discs are upgraded to a 6 spring design rather than the 4 spring design of the original. This allows for more torque capacity and increased longevity during heavy use.

This clutch is a direct result of extensive testing done by STILLEN and Steve Millen on the New Zealand Targa Rally.

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