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Stri Gauge Sensor Adapters UNIVERSAL

These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
OBA-M18 Oil Block Adapter
For General European Vehicles
OBA-M19 Oil Block Adapter
For Toyota/Nissan
OBA-M20 Oil Block Adapter
For Honda/Mitsubishi/Subaru/Ford/SR20
WTSA-28 Water Hose Adapter
For 28mm Hose
WTSA-30 Water Hose Adapter
For 30mm Hose
WTSA-32 Water Hose Adapter
For 32mm Hose
WTSA-34 Water Hose Adapter
For 34mm Hose
WTSA-36 Water Hose Adapter
For 36mm Hose
WTSA-38 Water Hose Adapter
For 38mm Hose
WTSA-40 Water Hose Adapter
For 40mm Hose

Product Description

Stri Gauge Sensor Adapters are available for both Oil Temp/Pressure and Water Temp.

For Oil Temp/Pressure, simply insert the Oil Block Adapter inline between the engine block and the oil filter to provide threaded taps for your Stri Gauge Sensors.

For Water Temp, simply insert the Water Hose Adapter inline of your coolant hose to provide a threaded tap for your Stri Gauge Sensors.

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