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TiAL V-Band - Flanges and Clamps UNIVERSAL

Brand: TiAL | Category: Turbo Accessories


GTVFL3.0 V-Band Inlet Flange
For GT28/30/35
TVBFL-42-DC-40 V-Band Outlet/Discharge Flange
For GT42/45
TVBFL42INLET V-Band Inlet Flange
For GT42/45
VBF300F V-Band Weld Flange
Size 2in
VBF300M V-Band Outlet/Discharge Flange
For GT28/30/35
Size 2in
VC-4205 V-Band Outlet/Discharge Clamp
For GT42
VC-4620 V-Band Outlet/Discharge Clamp
For GT42/45
VC-5153 V-Band Outlet/Discharge Clamp
For GT4708/18
VC-3625 V-Band Outlet/Discharge Clamp
SSTVBBBCLAMP V-Band Housing Clamps
VC-300 V-Band Inlet Clamp
VC-355 V-Band Outlet/Discharge Flange
VC-381 V-Band Inlet Clamp
VC-425 V-Band Inlet Clamp
For GT55
VC-450 V-Band Outlet/Discharge Flange
VC-475 V-Band Outlet/Discharge Clamp
For GT55
002494 GT42/45 V-Band Inlet Flange
Size 4.0in
002506 GT28/30/35 V-Band Outlet Clamp
003958 GT55 SS V-Band Inlet Flange
004623 Clamp for IWG GT28/30/35
002509 GT42/45 V-Band Inlet Clamp
Size 4.0in
003959 GT55 SS V-Band Outlet Flange
004242 GT55 Mounting Kit
2 Clamps and 6 Bolts
004626 Flange for IWG GT28/30/35
002512 GT42/45 V-Band Outlet Clamp
002500 GT28/30/35 V-Band Outlet Flange
Size 3.0in
Size 2in
002511 V-Band Clamp 4205 99759-0430
003963 GT55 V-Band Outlet Clamp
003962 GT55 V-Band Inlet Clamp
002505 GT28/30/35 V-Band Inlet Clamp
Size 3.0in
002496 GT55 SS V-Band Bolts
Size 6mm
002499 V-Band Weld Flange
Size 2in
002514 V-Band Clamp 5153 99759-0525
002513 V-Band Clamp 4620 99759-0471
001814 GT28/30/35 V-Band Inlet Flange
Size 3.0in
002494 GT42/45 V-Band Inlet Flange
Size 4.0in
002507 V-Band Clamp 3625 99759-0372
004634 GT55 Half Moon 2 Clamp Style
Single Piece

Product Description

TiAL got tired of not knowing the answer to the simple question: “Where can I find a discharge flange for my turbo?” TiAL now has the answer: right here! This flange slips down into the housing to create a smooth exit for the exhaust gas and connects with a V-Band clamp.

Also check out TiAL’s selection of matching clamps!

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