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Part #: 44VS
Notes: Valve Seat
Wastegate 44mm
Your Price: $24.57

This Item Also Available In

Part Number Price Notes & Specs
10MMAFS $17.15 Notes 10MM Air Fitting
35VS $13.79 Notes Valve Seat
Wastegate 35mm
38-2BOLT $3.93 Notes 2 Bolt Pack
Wastegate 38mm
3844DIAASM $59.83 Notes Diaphragm Asm
Wastegate 38/41/44mm
38Gasket $3.43 Notes Gasket
Wastegate 38mm
38VALVE $39.29 Notes Valve
Wastegate 38mm
38VS $13.79 Notes 38 Valve Seat
Wastegate 38mm
4041VS $30.00 Notes Valve Seat
Wastegate 40/41mm
40STUDPK $12.00 Notes Stud Pack
Wastegate 40mm
44CLI $27.86 Notes Clamp Inlet
Wastegate 44mm
44CLO $26.43 Notes Clamp Outlet
Wastegate 44mm
46-8Bolt $7.43 Notes 8 Bolt Pack
Wastegate 46mm
4660Diaasm $66.43 Notes Diaphragm Asm
Wastegate 44/60mm
46GASKET $4.29 Notes Gasket
Wastegate 46mm
46VS $56.00 Notes Valve Seat
Wastegate 46mm
60CLI $41.59 Notes Inlet Clamp
Wastegate 60mm
60CLO $42.34 Notes Outlet Clamp
Wastegate 60mm
60VS $52.03 Notes Valve Seat
Wastegate 60mm
LG BLUE $29.50 Notes Wastegate Spring
1.0 Bar / 14.50 psi for WG38/40
.9 Bar / 13.05 psi for WG44/46
Color Blue
LG GREEN $29.50 Notes Wastegate Spring
.9 Bar / 13.05 psi for WG38/40
.8 Bar / 11.60 psi for WG44/46
Color Green
LG RED $29.50 Notes Wastegate Spring
.8 Bar / 11.60 psi for WG38/40
.7 Bar / 10.15 psi for WG44/46
Color Red
LG YELLOW $29.50 Notes Wastegate Spring
.7 Bar / 10.15 psi for WG38/40
.6 Bar / 8.70 psi for WG44/46
Color Yellow
SM BLUE $29.50 Notes Wastegate Spring
.6 Bar / 8.70 psi for WG38/40
.5 Bar / 7.25 psi for WG44/46
Color Blue
SM GREEN $29.50 Notes Wastegate Spring
.5 Bar / 7.25 psi for WG38/40
.4 Bar / 5.80 psi for WG 44/46
Color Green
SM ORANGE $29.50 Notes Wastegate Spring
.35 Bar / 5.1 psi for WG38/40
.25 Bar / 3.6 psi for WG44/46
Color Orange

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Product Description

Springs, Valves, Gaskets and More. Practically everything you need for a complete rebuild or upgrade of your TiAL Wastegate.

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