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Treadstone Exhaust Fabrication - Turbo & Wastegate Gaskets UNIVERSAL

These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
GOD Gasket
Oil Drain
GT3IN Gasket
T3 Inlet
G38M Gasket
35/38mm Wastegate
GGTO Gasket
GT 3" 4 Bolt Outlet
GT4DIN Gasket
T4 Divided Inlet
GOIN Gasket
Oil Inlet
GT25IN Gasket
T25 Inlet
GT4O Gasket
T4 On Center Outlet
GT31O Gasket
T31 Outlet
GT4IN Gasket
T4 Inlet

Product Description

Exhaust leaks will hurt turbo spool up! Whenever installing or replacing a turbocharger, it is always recommended to use new gaskets to prevent exhaust leaks and oil leaks. Treadstone Turbo & Wastegate Gaskets are OEM quality 304 Stainless steel “crush” gaskets, which allows for a leak free seal even if the mating surface has irregularities.

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