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Turbonetics Wastegate Accessories UNIVERSAL

Brand: Turbonetics | Category: Wastegates


10741 Swing Valve & Elbow Assembly
20113 Replacement Diaphram for Delta/Racegate
20644 Replacement Diaphram for Wastegate
Fits Newgen, Deltagate, and Evo.
30298 Swing Valve Housing Assembly
T3 Turbo
30314 Single Port Wastegate Acuator
Range 8.0psi
30326 Dual Port Wastegate Acuator
Range 7.5psi
30778-3 Evolution Wastegate Spring
Color Yellow Stripe
Pressure 3psi
30778-5 Evolution Wastegate Spring
Color Blue Stripe
Pressure 5psi
30778-9 Evolution Wastegate Spring
Color Red Stripe
Pressure 9psi
30778-7 Evolution Wastegate Spring
Color White Stripe
Pressure 7psi
11884 Tight Radius Exhaust Elbow
Size 3-1/2in
11843 Tight Radius Exhaust Elbow
Size 3in

Product Description

To complement your Turbonetics Wastegate, Turbonetics offers a full line of accessories. From Actuators to Replacement Diaphragms Turbonetics has it waiting for you.

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